Everything You Need to Know About Gluten and Lactose Intolerance. A review


  • Jana Tamer Ismail Ahmed Notion International School, Cairo, Egypt.


Gluten, Lactose, Lactose intolerance, nutrition, food allergy, gluten ataxia, somatoform syndrome disorder


Gluten and lactose intolerance are cause many foods triggered syndromes and disorders, such as celiac disease and somatoform syndrome disorder. Additionally, if it goes undetected in children it will cause developmental and psychological problems growing up. Therefore, the aim of this review is spread awareness around the complications of unrecognized gluten and lactose intolerance in addition to the ideal way for the parents to deal with these intolerances with their children. This review is divided into five main sections, firstly, what is gluten intolerance? and what are the symptoms, also the different type of gluten intolerances, the proper way to deal with each type, the psychological and pathological implications. Secondly, what is lactose intolerance? the associated symptoms, its different types, how to early detect in children, the psychological and pathological implications. Thirdly, the similarities 
between both intolerances. Fourthly, gluten and lactose free recipes. Lastly, short stories about gluten and lactose intolerance.