Response of the active ingredients of fenugreek plant to spraying with different forms of microelements and planting dates under El Tor conditions in South Sinai


  • Khater, Rania M.R. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Department, Desert Research Center, Cairo, Egypt.


EDTA, humic, planting dates, microelements, Trigonella foenum-graecum L.


This study was conducted at South Sinai Research Station, El-Tor Branch, Desert Research Center; on fenugreek plants during two successive seasons 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 to study the effect of micronutrients and sowing date on the productivity of fenugreek plants that are cultivated in south Sinai. The experimental design was a split-plot that included 9 treatments, planting dates in the main plots, and different forms of microelements in the sub-main plots. The planting dates which included three dates (1st September, 1st October and 1st November), and the different forms of microelements included (control, EDTA form, and humic form) were applied in three equal doses in both seasons. Results showed the effect of planting dates and different forms of microelements and the interaction between them on growth parameters, yield, and production, fixed oil production, active ingredients, chemical constituents, where significant differences were seen, that led to a significant increase, and the best treatment was with planting on October 1st with humic form treatment.