Agri-Food Marketing in Bottom of the Pyramid-Subsistence Markets: Practical Considerations


  • Martin Hilmi Governance Consultant, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, Rome, Italy.


Marketing, Agricultural marketing, Food marketing, Agri-food marketing, Bottom of the pyramid, Subsistence markets, Developing economies


The main aim of the research was to identify, ascertain and better understand the practices of agri-food marketing in BOP-SM in developing economies. The research was based on previous researches conducted by the author on agri-food marketing in bottom of the pyramid- subsistence markets (BOPSM) in developing economies; over two decades of knowledge, experiences, and lessons learnt gained in working in agri-food marketing in developing economies; and knowledge contributions of others, such as for example, academics and practitioners, ascertained via previous online meetings. This research was further enhanced by the organization of a two day on-line meeting that considered in specific agri-food marketing practices in BOP-SM in developing economies. For the on-line meeting 93 previously identified agri-food marketing characteristics were used as ‘facilitators’ for discussion on agri-food marketing practices. The outcomes of the research provided for the identification of a good number of agri-food marketing practices; the identification of a number of differing typologies of marketing that pervade agri-food marketing practice in BOP-SM contexts; and to foster not only further research in identifying further agri-food marketing practices in BOP-SM contexts, but also, and yet again, to provide for consideration and research in terms of new thinking and theorizing for agri-food marketing taken from a BOP-SM perspective.