Jan-March, 2020


Silicone versus acrylic resilient long term soft liners; a cross-over clinical study

Mohamed Hussein Abdelnabi and Amal Ali Swelem

ABSTRACT: Objective: The aim of this randomized controlled cross over study was to compare the effect of complete denture renewal using two different long term soft liners namely acrylic-based (ARL) and silicone-based (SRL). Conventional heat cured acrylic resin dentures (CAR) were used as control. Assessed parameters were categorized into objective clinical and subjective patient-centered variables. Clinical parameters were: maximum bite force (MBF) and masticatory efficiency (ME). Patient satisfaction (PS) was evaluated as a patient based outcome. Materials and methods: A total of 30 completely edentulous male patients were initially included in this randomized controlled cross over trial. All subjects already had dentures that lacked retention and stability. Each subject received 3 sets of complete dentures with similar occlusal and polished surfaces. Maxillary complete dentures were fabricated from conventional heat cured acrylic resin. The difference was in the material used in the fitting surface of the mandibular complete dentures: Group (Gp) I (CAR); Gp II (ARL); and Gp III (SRL). The order of the type of prosthesis received by each participant was randomized to achieve a cross over design. Each denture was followed up for 3 months (m) after final adjustment. A capacitive sensor was used to evaluate unilateral MBF. Sieve method was implemented for ME assessment. PS questionnaire evaluated 7 main items (comfort, esthetics, ability to speak, stability, ease of chewing, hygiene maintenance and overall satisfaction) using visual analogue scale. MBF and ME were assessed after 1, 2 and 3 m of denture wear after final adjustment. PS was evaluated 3 m postadjustment. Level of statistical significance was set at p < 0.05. Results: 26 participants concluded the study. Renewed dentures in all groups showed significant improvement in all assessed parameters in comparison to the old prostheses. Improvements were statistically greater in (ARL) and (SRL) in comparison to (CAR) in MBF and ME in addition to 5 items of PS. Differences in esthetics were insignificant. PS was higher with hygiene maintenance in (CAR). Time had no significant effect on the results except after 3 m. (SRL) in comparison to (ARL) showed significantly higher MBF and ME values. The differences in PS values, however, were insignificant. MBF and ME showed significant correlation. Conclusions: Renewal of defective complete dentures improved MBF, ME and PS. (ARL) and (SRL) were superior to (CAR) in MBF, ME and in most of PS outcomes. (CAR) scored better in hygiene maintenance. (SRL) performed better than (ARL) after 3 months in MBF and ME which might indicate better long term results.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 1-11 ] DOI: 10.36632/csi/2020.9.1.1


The Behaviour of Blind-Bolted Open Sections to Hollow Sections Moment Connections under Static Loading

Abdelrahman M. Fahmy, Associate Prof. Dr. Said Y. Aboul Haggag, Prof. Dr. Abdelrahim K. Dessouki

ABSTRACT: There are many advantages reported as a result of the combination of an open I section connection to a hollow tubular section column. Architects find it useful in many occasions to use structural hollow sections in multi-story constructions, because of their high strength to weight ratio. These connections are easy, with fast installation, fine shape, and simple constitution without the need for field welding. Bolting to the face of the tube is considered one of the remaining areas of difficulty regarding the use of structural hollow sections. Tightening a standard bolt and nut is difficult especially when the walls of hollow sections are relatively thin and welding is not efficient. Recent developments in bolting technology have developed a system that overcomes the complexity involved in the connection between open and hollow sections; Blind-bolting connection. Currently, the main usage of the blind-bolting is shear connections, whereas rigid behaviour may be achieved by fully welded connection. The most famous available blind bolts include BoxBolt, Flowdrill, Huck high strength blind-bolt, Ajax blind bolt, and Lindapter Hollobolt. The aim of this paper is to study the behaviour of open section bolted connections to tubular members under static loading using end plates, to find forces in bolts and their force distribution, the failure modes of the bolts and the end plate.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 12-24 ] DOI: 10.36632/csi/2020.9.1.2


Modulatory role of creatine in Parkinson's disease

Shaimaa A. ElShebiney, Dalia Abuelfadl and Omar M. Abdel-Salam

ABSTRACT: Creatine is considered a rich dietary supplement that has beneficial antioxidant and neuroprotective role. Its use with Parkinson's disease (PD) is not well verified and needs further investigations. The current study evaluated this supplement in a mouse model of PD respecting motor effects, biochemical changes and pathophysiological modulation. Rotenone (1.5 mg/kg, s.c., day after day for two weeks) was used to induce PD in adult male Swiss mice. Creatine monohydrate was given in two doses (370 and 720 mg/kg, p.o., daily) for 21 days. L-dopa (25 mg/kg, p.o., 21 days) was administered in combination with creatine (370 mg/kg, p.o., daily) to a separate group. The study showed that creatine did not enhance the motor functions but improved the oxidative state and reduced the protein oxidation of striatum. In addition, Striatum paraoxonase and cholinergic activities were restored to normal rate after creatine administration. Creatine also proved added value to conventional L-dopa therapy. In conclusion, creatine dietary supplementation is of ameliorating role to pathophysiological changes associated to PD though motor functions may not be enhanced.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 25-33 ] DOI: 10.36632/csi/2020.9.1.3


Trapezoidal Surface Plasmonic Polariton for Enhanced Photodetector Efficiency

Hany S. Khalifa, Khalil M. ElKhamisy and Hagar Marouf

ABSTRACT: In this paper, a GaAs photodetector with a thin film trapezoidal surface plasmon polariton (SPP) model structure is studied and analyzed. In comparison with photodetector without SPP, a 3D COMSOL Multiphysics toolbox using the semiconductor model is concerned for explaining the electrical properties, while the optical effect is added with the electromagnetic model. The internal quantum efficiency (IQE) of the model with trapezoidal SPP is improved by 62% compared with the structure without SPP. The maximum terminal current detected in the trapezoidal SPP model is 2.45μA that makes an increase of 1.7 μA, and 66% increase in responsivity achieving a maximum photodetector responsivity is 24 A/W.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 34-41 ] DOI: 10.36632/csi/2020.9.1.4


Lead Contaminated Soil Remediation Using Some Amendments

Hussein M. A., Hanan I. Gad and S. M. O. Yahya

ABSTRACT: Pot experiment were conducted on maize at the green house of Agriculture Faculty (Saba- Basha), Alexandria University, Egypt, during the growing season of 2019 to evaluate the role lead contaminated soil remediation using some amendments on vegetative growth and chemical composition of maize. The experiment was spilt plot design with three replicates. Each replicate contained 13 treatments as follow: three lead levels (0, 250 and 500 mg/kg) were arranged in the main plots, whereas, the ten consider (control, zeolite at 0.10, 0.20, 0.40 mg/kg, compost at 0.10, 0.20, 0.40 mg/kg and triple super phosphate at 0.10, 0.20, 0.40 mg/kg) which arranged in the sub plots. Results indicated that, the control treatment recorded the maximum mean values of all vegetative growth i.e. (plant height, fresh and dry weight of shoots, number of leaves, leaf area index and total chlorophyll (SPAD)), as compared with concentrations of lead (250 and 500 mg/kg), which recorded the minimum values of vegetative growth. Also, increasing in zeolite concentration up to 0.40 gave the highest mean values of plant height, fresh and dry weight of shoots and number of leaves, whereas, increasing compost treatment up to 0.40 mg/kg gave the highest mean values of leaf area index and total chlorophyll (SPAD), as compared with control treatments which recorded the minimum values of vegetative growth, during 2019 season. On the other hand, the control treatment gave the best results, which recorded the lowest mean values of lead content in shoots of maize, while, lead concentration (250 and 500 mg/kg) recorded the highest lead content in shoots of maize and soil, also, zeolite, compost and triple super phosphate recorded the minimum lead content in shoots of maize and soil, as compared with the control treatment which recoded the lowest mean values of lead content in shoots of maize and soil, during 2019 season.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 42-51 ] DOI: 10.36632/csi/2020.9.1.5


The impact of foliar application of salicylic acid on carrot plants (Daucus carota L.) under drought stress conditions

El-Tohamy W.A., H.M. El-Abagy, M.A. Badr and S.D. Abou-Hussein

ABSTRACT: As drought stress can cause a serious effects on growth and productivity of many plants, finding a simple and effective method to minimize the negative effects of drought could be of great advantage in such conditions. The response of carrot plants to foliar application of salicylic acid (SA) under drought stress was tested in this study. Different levels of SA (0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 1 and 1.5 g/L) were applied to carrot plants subjected to drought stress while control plants were not treated by SA. Several measurements were recorded to evaluate the effects of SA on carrot plants under such conditions. The results revealed that the application of SA resulted in reducing the negative effects of drought stress on carrot plants as indicated by higher growth, productivity and quality parameters. A significant improvement of carrot growth, productivity and quality of roots was detected in response to SA application, indicating a better recovery from drought stress when carrot plants were previously treated by SA. The specific effects of SA on carrot growth parameters, yield and quality of roots are discussed.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 52-56 ] DOI: 10.36632/csi/2020.9.1.6


Evaluation of a potential biocontrol rhizosphere Fusarium moniliforme against Curvularia spicifera the causal agent of rice leaf spot and utility DFT study to evaluate one constituent in GC/MS

Shaymaa A. Gouda, Naziha M. Hassanein, Sameh A. Rizk, Peter F. Foad and Omar E. Rabeea

ABSTRACT: Curvularia species are among most common fungal pathogens of rice, causing leaf spot diseases. Infection with Curvularia species causes quantitative along with qualitative damage on small grains and rice plants. The aim of this study was to assess the potential of volatile metabolites from antagonistic Fusarium moniliforme var. subglutinans. In vitro studies have demonstrated that the volatile metabolites produced by the Fusarium moniliforme displayed inhibitory effects on Curvularia spicifera growth. The volatile metabolites assay revealed the inhibition (45%) by the volatile compounds occurred. We recognize the chemical composition of total volatile compounds produced by fungus Fusarium moniliforme using gas chromatography mass spectrometry analysis GC-MS predictable nearly 28 compounds. One of these constituents was Spiro-furanone oxete that is as antagonist because it has nonplanar and rigid structures. Quantum chemical calculation via density functional theory (DFT) can be studied the optimized structure and determine the active site of the polyketide tannins and Spiro furanone-oxete.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 57-66 ] DOI: 10.36632/csi/2020.9.1.7


Awareness and Attitude toward using a Dental Magnification among Libyan Dentists

Nuha Elkadiki

ABSTRACT: To evaluate the rick factors of awareness and attitude toward using a dental magnification among Libyan dentist. Subjects and Methods: This is a prospective cross-sectional questionnaire based Survey. The study participants were Libyan dentist (both undergraduate and postgraduate). The questionnaire was formulated based on similar studies. A test re-test pilot study will be carried out to assess the validity and consistent of the questionnaire. The questionnaire was divided to three parts according to rick factors: demographic part including the personal information of the participants (Gender: female, male, age and year of experience. The second parts included questions reflecting the attitude and awareness of the Libyan dentist toward the magnification and whether the dentists use magnifiers or not, which type of magnifiers?. In addition, their opinion about the most important dental field that need the use of magnification. The third part includes the reasons, which prevent the dentist from using dental magnifiers in the dental field. In addition, the dentist’s suggestion to increase the attitude and Awareness toward the use of magnifiers. The information’s obtained from the questioner will be collected and then analyzed. Results: statistical analysis showed difference among the gender whether they are using magnification (P value = 0.066). A significant difference was also observed difference among the different degree of qualifications whether they are using magnification, (P value = 0.066).There was a significant difference among the change in the year of experience, whether they are using magnification, (P value = 0.006). Conclusion: The routinely use of magnification among the Libyan dentist is relatively low, whether loups was the most common tool for magnification. This study suggests that greater emphasis should be placed early in dental schools and continuing education, to work faster, completed more teeth preparations, used computer-assisted evaluation less frequently, and demonstrated better overall performances

[ FULL TEXT PDF 67-72 ] DOI: 10.36632/csi/2020.9.1.8


Effect of L-carnitine on Recovery and Maturation Rates and Quality of Embryos Produced from Vitrified Immature Bovine Oocytes

A.F.M. Badr, E.M.M. Abdel-Gawad, B.R. Abdel-Halim, T.A. Mohamed and R.L. Abdel Aziz

ABSTRACT: The present study aimed to assess the effects of supplementation of the vitrification solution (VS) with L-carnitine (LC) on post-thawing recovery and maturation rates of immature bovine oocytes obtained from slaughterhouse ovaries. Immature oocytes (N=702) were divided into six groups for vitrification. Oocytes of group one (N=118) were vitrified in 40% dimethyle sulphoxide (40% DMSO; VS1), the second group included 105 oocytes which were vitrified in 40% ethylene glycol (40% EG; VS2). The previous two VS were used in the vitrification of group 3 (N=98), meanwhile oocytes of group 4 (N=98) were exposed to VS1+VS2 supplemented with 5 mM LC. In group 5 (145), oocytes were vitrified as those of group 4 but the VS was supplemented with 10 mM LC, while oocytes in group 6 (N=138) were vitrified in VS1+VS2 supplemented with 15 mM LC. After thawing, viable COCs were submitted to in vitro maturation. The differences in recovery rates and maturation rates were compared using chi square analysis. The study revealed important results and cleared the protective effects of LC against oxidative damage provoked by vitrification. A significantly higher recovery rate was observed for COCs vitrified in media containing LC. Recovered COCs in LC groups achieved higher maturation rates (79 and 81.25% for LC groups 10 and 15 mM, respectively), compared to those recovered from un-supplemented vitrification media (27.27 and 45.00%, for DMSO and EG groups, respectively). When matured oocytes were submitted to in vitro fertilization and culture, the morula-blastocyst rates were high in all groups (55.56 to 85.71%). The addition of LC at 15 mM in the vitrification medium of COCs gave significantly higher morula-blastocyst rates, when compared with DMSO or EG. Similarly, the viability rates of produced embryos were significantly higher for embryos produced from COCs vitrified in media containing 10 and 15 mM LC. Conceivably, our study demonstrates the beneficial effects of LC which can be included in the vitrification media of bovine oocytes and embryos to protect against harmful effects of vitrification.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 73-80 ] DOI: 10.36632/csi/2020.9.1.9


The Effective of Using Cobalt on the Productivity of Summer Squas

Nadia Gad and M.E. Fekry Ali

ABSTRACT: Two field experiments were carried out to evaluate the effect of cobalt on summer squash growth, quality and yield. Experiments were conducted at Research and Production Station, National Research Centre, El-Nobaria Site, Beheara Governorate, Egypt under drip irrigation system during 2017 and 2018 seasons. Seedlings (at three truly leaves) irrigated once with cobalt levels (0.0, 5.0, 7.5, 10.0, 12.5 and 15.0 ppm).The obtained results are indicate that: All cobalt rates significantly increased squash growth and yield parameters, minerals composition and chemical contents were compared with untreated plants, Cobalt at rate of 10 ppm resulted the superior values for all parameters of squash plants. As cobalt rate increasing in plant media, the promotive effect of cobalt reduced.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 81-86 ] DOI: 10.36632/csi/2020.9.1.10


Study on Ferric Chloride Coagulation Process and Fenton’s Reaction for Pretreatment of Dairy Wastewater

Omnya A. El-Battrawy, Mervat A. El-Sonbati, Ebtesam M. El-Awadly and Talaat A. Hegazy

ABSTRACT: Nowadays, much attention is given to dairy industries wastewaters because of their upward pollution potential arising out of the industrialization and numerous anthropogenic activities. Unplanned discharge of wastewaters to waterways can prompt environmental damage. Therefore, treatment is necessary prior discharge or reuse of water. This research work on the laboratory scale is utilized for the characterization and evaluation of the efficiency of chemical coagulation followed by advanced oxidation process as a pretreatment technique for dairy industries wastewaters. Three composite wastewater samples were collected from diary industries plant at New Damietta City during the year 2018 and characterized for some physicochemical parameters to check their pollution potential. One sample is chosen and subjected to pretreatment using chemical coagulation/ precipitation by FeCl3 with lime and polyacrylamide as coagulant aides followed by advanced oxidation process with Fenton’s reagent. The results showed that concentration of chemical oxygen demand is 76800 mg/L while for biochemical oxygen demand is 60000 mg/L. Removal efficiency of COD after applying FeCl3 / lime was (94.2%) while for FeCl3 / polyacrylamide was (70%). The optimum conditions of Fenton’s reaction were 30 ml/L (H2O2) and pH 7.35 that achieved 95% of COD removal. It’s concluded that using Fenton oxidation process after coagulation by FeCl3 with lime was found a little enhancement in the COD removal of dairy wastewater effluents.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 87-96 ] DOI: 10.36632/csi/2020.9.1.11


Sedimentological Origin and Environmental Impact of El Zayat Shales, East Dakhla Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt

Zidan I.H., Osman R.A. and Mansour G.M.R.

ABSTRACT: Twenty representative shale samples were collected from a vertical lithostratigraphic section including (Quseir Shale Member of Nubia Formation, Duwi Formation and Dakhla Formation) of El Zayat area on the southern scarp at the central part of the Abu Tartur Plateau.The chemical analyses data show that the average values of V/Cr in the studied shales are higher than 2, which may indicate that all of the studied sediments were deposited under anoxic depositional conditions. The Cr/Ni ratios of El Zayat shales are 1.5, may be reflect these sediments are derived from mafic source rocks. The tectonic setting studies indicated that the investigated studied shales were mainly derived from volcanic rocks with province origin. The chemical Index of alteration (CIA) was calculated for all the samples and revealed that El Zayat shales describe the moderate chemically weathered terrain. Beside, the fluviatile of post deposition contributions from local sources, such as the basement rocks in the Egyptian South Western Desert, can be considered as subordinate sources. The immobile elements are also indicators of the origin of the provenance. Therefore, the presence of trace elements Cr, V and Ni in addition to Ti in El Zayat shales suggests a basaltic source origin. Additional environmental investigations were also undertaken in order to explore any environmental radiation impact that may arise from the utility of these shales in any domestic purposes by the locals and/or industry. The calculation of geo-accumulation indices (Igeo) indicate that the investigated sediment in El Zayat area is mainly low to moderately pollute. However, their utility in domestic purposes is safe if the dilution factor in the final product is proper.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 97-108 ] DOI: 10.36632/csi/2020.9.1.12


Hydrogeochemical approach to evaluate groundwater quality in the area between Abu Rawash and El Khatatba, Northwest Cairo, Egypt

Saad A. Mohallel

ABSTRACT: The area of study is located within the Northwest part of Cairo (between Abu Rawash and El- Khatatba area). The investigated area is bounded by longitudes 30o 45' & 31o 15' E and latitudes 29o 58' & 30o 15' N. The Quaternary aquifer occupies the northern and northeastern parts and represents the main water-bearing unit in the area locating east of Abu Rawash–El Khatatba–El Sadat– Alexandria line. The Lower Miocene aquifer dominates the area particularly to the East of Cairo Alexandria desert road. The Oligocene aquifer is underlying the Lower Miocene aquifer with a separate basaltic sheet at its top. 75 water samples (69 groundwater samples and 6 surface water samples) were collected from the study area. The chemical analyses of 69 groundwater samples from the different aquifers indicate that, all the Quaternary groundwater samples (represented by 14 samples) are fresh water where the salinity ranges from 449.13 to 1325.83 mg/l. While in the Lower Miocene aquifer (represented by 54 samples) the groundwater salinity varies from fresh (80%) to brackish water (20%) where the salinity ranges from 240.56 to 3122.17 mg/l. Only one sample of the Oligocene aquifer is collected from the study area where it is considered brackish water (3097.22mg/l). The obtained hypothetical salts reflect less to advanced stages of groundwater metasomatism. The chemical water types and hypothetical salts as well as the ion ratios indicate meteoric origin groundwater affected by dissolution of terrestrial and marine salts. Nitrate concentrations in the Quaternary groundwater samples vary between 1.46 and 40.5 mg/l, with an average value of 10.15 mg/l. while in the lower Miocene groundwater samples the values of Nitrates vary between 0.38 and 167.91 mg/l with an average values of 15.22 mg/l. Nitrate concentrations in the study area increase towards the central and Northern parts significantly
elevated in response to the increasing of anthropogenic land uses. Applying the hydrogeochemical model revealed that the Quaternary aquifer is recharged from the River Nile through the irrigation canals and the Rain water, while in the Lower Miocene aquifer the main recharge sources are El Rayah El Nasseri, River Nile and the Rain water.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 109-139 ] DOI: 10.36632/csi/2020.9.1.13


Life style and Dietary Habits among Office Employees in the Company of Electricity in Benghazi, Libya

Salih Miftah Abdulrraziq, Miftah Saed Najem

ABSTRACT: This study is a cross-sectional and aims to health promotion in the General Company of Electricity in Benghazi, Libya. As well as to evaluate the life style and health status of employees in order to improve occupational health and increase productivity. The data were collected by intern doctors during February- 2018 were 151 participants and most of them were office workers. From this study, was found that 11.9% of the employees were pre-hypertensive, and 24.5% were hypertensive. About 36.4% of the participants were overweight, while 39.7% of them were obese. Concluded that there was poor nutritional education regarding eating vegetables and fish, reduce red meat intake and coffee. Smoking was also prevalent among workers, while exercise levels were low. Recommend initiating health education programs with regard to healthy food intake, regular exercise, smoking cessation and hazards of overweight and obesity. Also blood pressure measurement, BMI, abdominal circumference should be included in any health examination program in the work place. Advice to establish an annual periodic health examination, and to further extend the study so that it includes all the company’s employees.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 140-160 ] DOI: 10.36632/csi/2020.9.1.14


Production of Special Concrete with Promoted Properties using Waste and Innovative Materials

Ali G. Hassan, H. Elkady and A. Serag Faried

ABSTRACT: The radiation is a major problem that should be prohibited to avoid its bad effects on the surrounding environment. This have been achieved by utilizing heavy weight concrete (HWC) with high attenuation coefficient .This paper presents a comparative investigation between different types of heavy weight aggregate (HWA) that can be used in the production of heavy weight concrete to
promote mechanical and physical , moreover shielding properties of concrete for gamma radiation. The obtained results indicated that barite, hematite and electric arc furnace slag can be used as HWA to shield gamma radiation. In addition, Electric arc Furnace slag aggregates recorded high strength than other aggregates and it can be used in the production of high strength concrete.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 161-167 ] DOI: 10.36632/csi/2020.9.1.15